Drone flight at TUM Weihenstephan


On May 29th 2017 the cohort of the Master's Programme Land Management and Land Tenure (LMLT) accompanied by Dr. Arch. Pamela Durán Díaz (Programme Coordinator) and Mr. Tobias Bendzko MSc. (lecturer) travelled to the TUM Freising, Weihenstephan, School of Life Sciences to perform a data acquisition mission using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Mr. Stefan Reuter displaying UAV (Photo: M.A. Thomas)

Students viewing Mr. Reuter's presentation (Photo: M.A. Thomas)

Members of LMLT group en route to site (Photo: M.A. Thomas)

Members of LMLT group look up at drone

The excursion afforded the students the practical experience of using an UAV to consolidate previously imparted concepts in geospatial data acquisition.

Prior to the flight, the students attended a pre-flight preparatory session led by technical resource person Mr. Stefan Reuter where the UAV (DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter drone) was introduced. This session also outlined some nuances of data acquisition with airborne platforms and sensors (in general and more particularly to UAV's) including such aspects as the available technology, site a priori analysis (flight/mission planning), software options and the application of these.

With the basics covered, the group traversed the picturesque grounds of the Weihenstephan campus to arrive at the farmland site location. There, two separate missions were executed with the students as active participants. One mission used an aerial camera recording in the visible portion of electromagnetic spectrum and the other in the near infrared section for vegetation detection.