Delagation from Indonesia Visited Chair of Land Management


The chair of Land Management and the delegation from Palangka Raya City, Indonesia organized a meeting on Friday, 12th May 2017. The topic of discussion was mainly about spatial planning projects from Munich and Indonesia perspective

Presenation Prof. de Vries (Foto: Lehrstuhl Bole)

Presentation Prof. Joeson Alie Syahbana (Foto: Lehrstuhl Bole)

In the beginning, Prof. Dr. Ir. Walter De Vries welcomed the delegation as head of chair. Subsequently, he delivered a presentation about overview, education and on going research projects in Land Management and Land Tenure study program. The focus theme of research areas is also very diverse, ranging from land and environmental management, cadaster, land registration and land tenure, rural development, land use planning, land consolidation and land valuation to human geodesy.

Following the introduction from Prof. de Vries, there was an interesting example of spatial planning projects and prospects of the city of Munich presented by Mr. Gero Suhner, M.Sc. from Munich Department of Urban Planning. He explained about Freiham, the new district in Munich West. The plans are based on the concept of "continuing to build". He explained that basically, the site is split into two areas that are the commercial zone and the residential zone, which also includes a landscaped park and school campus. This new district also sets standards in terms of energy, which are low carbon dioxide geothermic heating and solar energy in order to cover the electricity and heating requirements.

Afterwards, Dr. Joesron Alie Syahbana and Mr. Rojikin Jamhuri as the representatives of the city government of Palangka Raya gave an explanation about the current issue in the city. As one of the biggest forestry area in the world, Palangka Raya must face two sides of occupation and cultivation land forest impacts. The production of the forest cultivation will certainly be very profitable in terms of economic growth, however, the over exploitation in the peat land from some companies often lead to forest fires. Therefore, they need proper plans, guidelines and policies to tackle most of the negative impacts of forest cultivation. In addition, the government's plan to move the state capital from Jakarta is still being reviewed. Palangka Raya as one of the candidates must certainly prepare the city's development planning, especially for forest, residential as well as infrastructure planning.

The visit was conducted by the Chair of Land Management and was one of the programs to follow up contacts and research through discussion related to land management and land administration issues.

By Daniel Finantar